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The Congregational Courier is digital! We have transitioned the distribution of our monthly newsletter to email. As of January, we will only continue to create paper copies for those who requested them on their newsletter surveys and for whom we do not have email addresses. Addressed paper newsletters will be printed and available for pickup by the first service of each month in the Russell Fellowship Room. Those that are not picked up at that time will be mailed.

If you did not submit your survey and would like to continue receiving paper copies, please contact the office: We appreciate your cooperation as we roll out this process that will not only make distribution easier and more immediate but will also help keep costs down on printing and postage. Thank you.

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The Homer Congregational Church extends the use of our facilities to community groups for meeting space.
If you are interested in this service, please take a look at the Building Use and Fees document here.

For older newsletters, calendars and bulletins please visit the Archives section of our site.