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If interested please send résumé or church profile to pastor@homercc.org


Office Administrator


To provide administrative support to the staff, boards, committees and membership of the church to further the overall mission and ministry of Homer Congregational Church.


The Church Administrator is accountable to the Pastor, in consultation with the Personnel Committee.


Extensive knowledge of Microsoft Office and the ability to learn and use current computer applications; competent in the use of social media; aptitude to efficiently use office resources; ability to multitask and prioritize responsibilities within the guidance of the Pastor; have excellent organizational and communication skills; can handle sensitive information in a confidential manner; valid driver’s license; comfortable with working in a Christian environment and willing to learn the governance of the United Church of Christ.

Primary Responsibilities:

Hospitality & Communication

  • Act as primary receptionist for the church office, being friendly and welcoming to all who visit or contact the church.
  • Respond to door, telephone, mail, email, and web inquiries
  • Support the wide-ranging communication within the congregation and greater community regarding the mission and ministry of HCC
  • Update information on the website on a regular basis (in consultation to the webmaster)
  • Ensure information for Weekday Words and Worship services is disseminated

Administrative Support:

  • Provide administrative support to the pastor and staff as requested
  • Track weekly member and visitor worship attendance
  • Produce church bulletins, church newsletters (electronic and printed), annual reports, church directories, and other official church documents
  • Maintain current contact database for use in church mailings and electronic communication
  • Oversee the preparation and submission of the church’s annual reports to New York Conference
  • Maintain files (paper or electronic) of minutes, directories, membership, policies, reports, and official church records which will permit easy retrieval
  • Ensure archival material are appropriately stored and preserved.

Office Management:

  • Create and maintain effective office procedures
  • Create and maintain the church calendar of events and building usage
  • Oversee bulletin board postings
  • Coordinate office activities and supervise work of office volunteers
  • Oversee use and maintenance of all office equipment and maintain office supplies
  • Ensure licenses are renewed as approved by various boards and committees
  • Recommend budget expenditures for office administration

Building Coordination:

  • Coordinate building usage in conjunction with the Board of Trustees
  • Serve as liaison to staff, church groups, and outside groups that use building space


The typical weekly schedule will be four days a week with flexibility for regular staff meetings and other events that may arise.

Professional Growth and Development:

It is understood that new skills may be needed and require additional training. Such training can be coordinated with the pastor in consultation with the Personnel Committee.


Terms and Conditions:

This is a nonexempt, part-time position (~ 12 hours per week). Normal duties are performed in the church facility but some duties may require travel to the post office, bank, and other locations. The primary guide for performance is this Job Description and other duties as assigned by the pastor. The Church Administrator needs to request approval from the pastor for time away and make arrangements for substitute coverage.



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